the great british mortgage swindle

Set in Nottingham, Newcastle, Leeds, Coventry, Edinburgh and London, The Great British Mortgage Swindle is a coruscating, shocking and utterly compelling documentary feature film about the nature and effects of institutionalised mortgage fraud and the state-sanctioned brutality of genocide by eviction.

Eight years in the making, the film chronicles the extraordinary, harrowing, yet ultimately uplifting struggles of five pioneering lay litigants, as they battle to save their homes from being violently repossessed under the purported authority of entirely fraudulent mortgages and void court orders; whilst the officers of the banks responsible for these crimes enjoy the protection of a judicial system that is obviously rigged in their favour.

What makes TGBMS a must-see documentary is that it shockingly demonstrates that virtually every one of Britain's 11.2 million registered mortgages is illegal, void and unenforceable because it was either signed without a loan having taken place, or without a witness being present at the moment of execution; which entitles every one of Britain's void mortgagors to be compensated by the Land Registry, for every penny they have paid out under false pretenses.

The incendiary film by the Michaels of Bernicia and Deira has a relentlessly compelling narrative, which culminates in a genuinely uplifting finale, when, against all the odds, David slays Goliath in her majesty's courts and a grass-roots movement to end institutionalised mortgage fraud and genocide by eviction is born.