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  • A must-see film for everybody who has a mortgage, in the UK and everywhere else.

tgbms is a film about the crimes of the banksters

See the film and become a witness to the callous brutality of fraudulent mortgage possession claims by the UK banks.

In the wake of the US sub-prime mortgage crisis, the UK housing market collapsed, the reality of which was much more shocking that the public ever imagined.

Insolvent banks were lending money they didn't have; mortgage fraud had been common practice for decades; conveyancing solicitors were giving illegal advice; whilst the police were violently enforcing the selective
application of the law.

Then, when all seemed lost, a call to action rallied thousands from all over Britain, in support of the mavericks who took on the might of the banks, armed with nothing except the facts.

Nine years in the making, The Great British Mortgage Swindle is an urgently prescient, emotionally compelling and ultimately uplifting film, which lifts the lid on institutionalised mortgage fraud and the brutality of eviction by court order.


Find out how and why 11 million illegal UK mortgages have been fraudulently registered at the Land Registry.

Reviews For The Great British Mortgage Swindle

After Screenings in Nottingham and London

Here's what people are saying about the film online

A selection of 5 star reviews of the DVD from Amazon.co.uk.

5 Star Reviews of The Great British Mortgage Swindle

“A hard-hitting account of malpractice by UK mortgage lenders and the complicity of UK courts.

It documents a remedy available to potentially millions of mortgagors across England and Wales, thanks to the tenacious and fearless work of the documentary makers and a grassroots movement seeking justice for mortgagors wronged by the financial sector.”

Anthony O’Tierney, Accounting & Finance Lecturer Leicester University

"Buy this film even if you know most of the information or not. [...] It has taken a decade of emotional, psychological, and huge financial pain to the makers of this film and many others. Just by purchasing this film you are adding to the energy that is building. The time is coming. In fact the time is now!

Well done guys…awesome job! [...] 5 stars easy. I would have given 6 if I could!”

Truth Out UK

"Wow! everyone must see this movie.

If you have a mortgage you must see this movie, If your up for real world truth then you must see this movie, if you believe in any kind of justice you must see this movie.

These guy's are hero's forging history in a world of mass corruption."

Ken Perkin UK

"A superb documentary. I personally know the people involved in this film from ten years ago. What they have exposed here has the potential to shatter the entire banking system, if only the masses are willing to listen to their message. I applaud all who take on the might of the corrupt banks and the judicial system."

Nick Cooper Llamas, Wales

"Highlights the fraudulent nature of the 'death pledge' aka 'mortgage'. The clue's in the name folks. "

Master Andrah M Lang UK

"Finally the truth of the corruption of the system against the people. A brave documentary - big thank you to all involved."

M. Duchnowski UK

"So informative this is a must for each and everyone of us with mortgages, well done to Micheal and his team.."

Simone Simon UK

"Absolutely fantastic film, clearly bringing to the forefront the crimes being committed against innocent people who have had homes taken from them needlessly it's so shocking, sad and awful. A real eye opener! It reminds me of I am Daniel Blake. Another issue that desperately needed highlighted, so well done for bringing it to my attention I'm sure many more will agree once it's viewed. This film is a must watch for sure! Anyone posting negative reviews are only helping banks to harm victims of this awful crime which is shocking in itself, but you need to ask yourself who would take the time to come here to be so mean and know so much of those involved it makes no sense? Clearly this has been made to highlight the issue and HELP people in general for the future and those already effected, which is amazing! Well done to the producers and productions companies involved! This needs to go far!"

Jackie UK

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See the most talked about British documentary of the century and find out why Four Horsemen director Ross Ashcroft, called TGBMS "a big polemic film", in Renegade Inc: The Great British Mortgage Swindle on RT UK.

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TGBMS directors, The Michaels of Bernicia and Deira, are interviewed by Ross Ashcroft on Renegade Inc: The Great British Mortgage Swindle.