The Great British Mortgage Swindle

Couch End Picturehouse – The Great British Mortgage Swindle

The Great British Mortgage Swindle and the free bonus feature, TGBMS: Next Steps, are listed to play at the Crouch End Picturehouse on Saturday 24th August 2019 at 12:00.

You can book your tickets for the Couch End Picturehouse screening via the A-FP Cinema-on-Demand Box Office using the form below.

How Cinema-on-Demand Works

Provided the minimum number of tickets set by each participating cinema are sold within 7 days of the listed date, the screening will be confirmed and proceed as planned.

In the event the minimum number of tickets are not purchased, the date will be postponed and each ticket will be good to gain entry to the screening on the new date.

Any ticket that was purchased in a previous A-FP Cinema-on-Demand Special Offer will also be valid for the screening in the specified location.

Full refunds will be available until 24 hours before each screening. If no refund is requested, it will be presumed that the ticket holder wishes to keep the ticket pending the next screening in their chosen location.

Sponsor This Screening

If you wish to sponsor this screening to make sure it goes ahead on the listed date, you can do so by donating to amount required to book the minimum number of tickets.

This can be done by by filling out the relevant section on the form below and you can donate as much as you can afford.

Every sponsor who donates the amount required to guarantee the screening will have the choice of receiving a free DVD of the film or a limited edition poster, depending on their preference.

TGBMS: Next Steps

Those who attend the screening will also get to see the free bonus feature, TGBMS: Next Steps, the layman’s guide to cancelling fraudulent mortgages and claiming compensation from the Land Registry.

This will take the form of a public information film or a live version hosted by The Michaels of Bernicia and Deira, depending on their availability on the dates of the respective screenings.