TGBMS – An Update.

In response to the enquiries about its British release, we, the producers of TGBMS, ask all supporters and/or those who have purchased tickets to bear with us. A series of issues – both technical and legal – have had to be addressed in order that everything is as it should be. Happily, those issues have been resolved and we expect to make an announcement within the next week or so about its cinematic and on-line release.

Whilst more will be revealed nearer the time, we can confidently state that all who view the film are in for a quite a ride – the like of which they will never previously have  had.  TGBMS is the epic chronicle of 9 years’ worth of experiences of those on the front line in the civil war with the banks. We are almost there, folks, so thank you for your patience and support

Finally, please also note that every one who has purchased tickets will be able to use those tickets to go to any screening in the country, subject to availability.

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